The energy efficiency savings make updating your system especially viable in the long run, but we also offer financing options to assist you in gleaning those benefits that much sooner.

Accelerated cash flow solutions

Financing is a part of every project in one form or another. Your main key-result-area of doing an energy efficiency project is almost always a monetary one. Beyond getting the best pricing, at Power Energy, we have teamed up with several financial institutions to finance your project at very low interest rates. Often your energy savings will supersede your monthly or quarterly lease payments. Beyond simple lease programs, Power Energy offers custom invoicing and can go as far as creating, organizing, and implementing Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC's) through one of our underwriter's.

For any questions regarding financing, please contact one of our sales associates for further details.

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Need Capital Infusion?

Let Us Help You Make Money By Upgrading

We can assist you in increasing your energy efficiency by utilizing a combination of our energy efficient lighting solutions, energy management plans, product distributors & manufacturers, and incentives & financing programs.

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Power Energy Solutions

Let Us Help You Make Money By Upgrading

Efficient lighting allows facilities to capitalize on large energy efficient gains. Almost every project can be completed with an ROI of less than 2 years including 10 year warranties. Creating solutions at nearly no cost through the Utility Incentives & Government Grants.

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