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Our goal is to assist clients in increasing their energy efficiency by utilizing cost effective strategies.

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We work with a wide array of commercial, public and industrial properties, providing environmentally friendly lighting solutions, helping to improve their energy efficiency, reducing expenses and enhancing value while delivering fast ROI.

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Maintenance costs reduced, property value increases, payback typically under 2 years, employee productivity conditions are improved, better customer experience, reducing carbon footprint, helps meet company’s goals that enable affordable and abundant electricity.

Offering Real Solutions

Power Energy Solutions will help you identify the points of greatest savings using utility incentives and state funded grants. We can install the necessary hardware and when combined with energy savings, will cost less than what you’re currently paying for electricity now.

Innovative Lighting Solutions

At Power Energy Solutions, our Energy Solutions teams’ top priority is providing you with the right solutions, products and expertise to successfully meet and exceed the expectations of your clients and customers.

We’ve built an exclusive team of seasoned electrical professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that you have the information, services and products you need when and where you need them — every time.

We’re not a manufacturer and we do not sell consulting services. Our goal is to become an extension of your business and provide you with a single point of access to a world of solutions.

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Site Assessment

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Engineered Design

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On-Site Project Management

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Energy Savings

01. Interview

Our project development starts with an in-depth client interview to determine a scope of work and outline project priorities. Lighting efficiency is never one size fits all. We don’t presume to know what our clients want or need without surveying their facility or discussing it with them. Instead, we know what questions to ask and what is possible. When done properly, a lighting efficiency project will include all existing lighting — indoors and out — and will meet the financial goals of the CFO while increasing the human return on the investment.

02. Site Assessment

During our survey, we catalogue every single light that contributes to your energy bill. This survey is detailed, it’s methodical and it’s absolutely necessary. Existing conditions, such as foot-candle readings, surface reflectance values, ambient temperatures, room or space type, room dimensions, equipment or obstructions, and other relevant information all play an important role in our design, engineering and planning process.

But that is only step one. We also want to learn how, where and when you work so we can give you the right amount of light and the right kind of light exactly where and when you need it — optimizing your energy usage and helping you and your team work in ideal conditions.

03. Analysis

Analysis. Feasibility study. Lighting audit. It’s called many things, but it rarely provides the detailed data needed to make an educated and informed decision based on actual and accurate data. Our analysis does. Our customers — and especially our customers’ engineers — rave about our proposals. That’s because we think you deserve to know what we’re planning to do, not just how much money we say we can save. So we deliver incredibly detailed proposals, down to the number, type and position of lights and controls in each area of your facility, and include the math we used to calculate your results. Our analysis also includes a special section that illustrates the financial benefits. It includes simple payback calculations plus sophisticated calculations — like NPV, and IRR — that your CFO depends on to make solid decisions.

04. Engineered Design

The constantly changing world of new lighting technology provides many benefits, but it also brings new challenges, limitations, and other issues that need to be addressed with engineering. When we engineer a lighting efficiency design, we want to increase your efficiency and improve your efficacy. So we ask customers how, where and when you work. All that data is considered when we compare current versus trending technology to provide you the solutions that optimize luminaire efficacy, CCT (correlated color temperature), CRI (color rendering index), LPW (lumens per watt) and lifetime and user comfort. Finally, we design the system to consolidate parts like lamps and ballasts to ensure very low maintenance, so you’ll be assured of permanent energy savings. Our designs and plans are so thorough, we have never had a change order…and neither will you.

05. On-Site Project Management

Professional project management is much more than being a job foreman. It includes stakeholder analysis, risk analysis, estimating, understanding applicable codes, safety standards, installation efficiencies, and a high level of communication with the project stakeholders. Our projects benefit from our collective experience.

We take project management so seriously that our project management team leader is required to have a bachelor’s of science degree in project management.

06. Installation

We hire only respected, local electrical contractors to install our lighting designs. Why? Hiring local saves our clients money. It also helps the local economy and, because we involve them, it provides for seamless, long-term care and maintenance of your lighting system. If your facility requires union or non-union, or has other special contract requirements such as government work, Power Lighting also hires local providers to meet any contract requirement.

07. Energy Savings

Real, permanent, verifiable energy savings are typically an early priority in our project scopes. We understand electricity rates, and through real data provided by your utility, we provide a detailed estimate of the project energy savings. Our projects will deliver more energy savings than our competitors and Power Lighting has never had a customer file a claim for energy shortages. Although energy savings starts as the priority in our designs, our clients tend to find other things that take precedence. The extra time we spend with our clients in their facilities, added to our experience, reveals more opportunities in areas like user comfort, productivity, quality control, or even system upgrades — including the human return on investment.

What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying

The best evidence of a job well done is a satisfied customer, find out what our previous clients are saying

It was a pleasure working with Derek – his knowledge of the grant process and energy saving lights made the process easy for us. Our savings on our lighting bill has been a tremendous help with the budget and our utility expense.

Heather Shepard, Zion Lutheran Church

Need Capital Infusion?

Let Us Help You Make Money By Upgrading

We can assist you in increasing your energy efficiency by utilizing a combination of our energy efficient lighting solutions, energy management plans, product distributors & manufacturers, and incentives & financing programs.

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Innovative Energy Solutions

Let Us Help You Make Money By Upgrading

Efficient lighting allows facilities to capitalize on large energy efficient gains. Almost every project can be completed with an ROI of less than 2 years including 10 year warranties. Creating solutions at nearly no cost through the DCEO & ICECF.

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